I had six brothers. Paul is the 3rd in line. Now, I don’t know if being third born out of seven makes you vie for attention, but Paul certainly knows how to get it. He is the funny one. The one whose personality draws you in and makes you want to talk to him. His two favorite characters to impersonate are Earnest and Forrest Gump. It could be because they both had expressive faces, but when he puts on their faces and mimics them, it cracks me up.

He is our peacemaker in the family and he’s good at it. I will tend to hold on to hurt feelings and take a while to let them go. Paul will forgive easily and move on. If someone has their nose out of joint, he is usually the one who gathers people to fix the issue.

He’s the glue that holds our family together. Even before the deaths of my other four brothers, it was Paul who would reach out and connect us. He had a special relationship with each one. I guess it was his forgiving, nurturing nature that allowed him to keep those bonds through adulthood. Either that, or his insane love of cars, which most guys love! I tend to think it is his nurturing nature.

When our dad died, it was Paul who suggested Mom have a home built across the driveway from him, so she could be close. We all put a lot of labor into her home, but Paul did most of the work. Although I take responsibility for mom too, he is the one that is there daily for her when she calls with tasks to be done or need someone to visit with.

Paul has raised five kids. The youngest is a senior. He is also helping raise his wife’s niece and nephew and her grandpa lives with them. Paul’s heart is open and he is always willing to help anyone if they have a need.

So now comes the reason I’m writing about Paul. About 2 months ago, Paul came down with Covid-19. He picked it up when he was driving his truck moving giant windmill blades. Paul is an 18 Wheeler driver that carries whatever he can on his long trailer. He is considered a contract driver that drives when is he called out for a company, so he doesn’t receive unemployment when he’s not driving, but the insurance and trailer rent continues to add up.

He has COPD and is a diabetic, so the Covid hit him hard. He was out of work for about five weeks. I’m simply thankful that he survived. No one else in the family contracted it. He quarantined well and though he was weak, his disposition was always positive. When he was able to finally go back to work, he did.

The family’s bills have continued to mount and although Paul is working as much as he can, the insurance on his truck and trailer fees from the past of not working are eating up his income. He has fallen behind with his house payment. I can’t imagine the stress that he is feeling. He keeps expressing that the Lord will help him find a way.

People, I love my brother. I can’t think of anyway to help him, but to ask for donations to help him pay on his home. My mom’s home is on his property. It seems like he is handling his struggle well, but 3 out of 4 of my brothers died with heart attacks.

IF you’ve read this far, you know I’m asking for a love donation to help him out. He doesn’t know that I’m writing and asking. In fact, he’ll either cry or be furious with me and then forgive me because that is the type of guy that he is.

If nothing comes out of this helping him, I can say that I at least did something. I love my sweet, goofy brother Paul. I know I have friends with generous hearts. Pray and if God is giving you the go ahead, I couldn’t be more appreciative. With love….Becky