In the beginning, the idea of you living in our house drove me nuts. I really didn’t want you here. I envisioned hair shedding everywhere…and it did…like snow.

How could I be the one to tell Cam, you couldn’t come when John already told him you could? In the end, I relented because I didn’t want to be a source of sadness.

How could we have know the fun and laughter that you would bring to our lives? The unconditional love that you showed us, no matter if we loved on you or if we ignored you at times. Although, you weren’t one for NOT being in the center of where we were.

You were like a shadow…following someone at all times unless you were asleep. Your loyalty to the men in our family was like a knight guarding a castle. John was your alpha and Cameron was your pup. We laughed so many times when they would pretend to pound on each other, just to get you worked up. You didn’t know which one to guard. It wasn’t a fair joke, but we loved watching you react.

The way you’d sit outside of Cam’s door, just waiting for him to wake up…Wow! That was true love. When he’d come home from college, you’d get so excited and you were sad when he went away again. Even after Cam was grown, he was still your boy.

Your tail wind-up and drop, so you went in circles barking was the best entertainment. The never ending fetching of the ball, we thought would never stop, but as you aged…sadly, it did.

Smart…You certainly were. You knew so many words. Gullible….that too. I’d send you so many times to the door to look for Cam or Owen, and you’d always go. I know that was love on your side.

Your eyes said it all we came home. You greeted us with tail wags, jumping, and I swear a smile. So excited that we were back with you. Of course, you wanted a treat, a ball thrown a thousand times, and a rub.

If we treated other people the way you treated us, the world would be an extraordinary place.

Even when it was just you and me, you were a sweet companion. You were constantly under feet. If fact, I often turned around to find you under my feet. You’d follow me from living room to bedroom to kitchen…making every step I made. You slept beside my bed or beside the couch, where ever I fell asleep.

When you met a new friend that stayed with us, I love how you trained them to follow you to the kitchen to get treats. I, of course, had to tell them why you were barking and moving to the kitchen. You were loved on by so many people. You’d follow them to their door and wait beside it for a short while, hoping they’d come out.

You’ve been my sweet companion for over 17 years. You lost your hearing and a lot of your eyesight, but your love was as strong as ever. I’ll miss your toe nails tapping on the floor, and your greeting when I come home in the evening. The house will be quieter because your gentle spirit is gone. I’m sure even your reluctant friend, Pippin, will miss you.

You are gone from these rooms, but you’ll never be forgotten… Cam and I will talk about you often in our memories. Goodbye old friend.