So this week, I’m hosting the Covid-19 virus along with about sixteen other teachers from my school. With all the different ways it affects people, you start out with fear and trepidation when the news positive shows up on the test result. At first I was relieved because I felt so strange and out of sorts that I was happy that I simply wasn’t going crazy and I had an answer to why I felt so off. Prayers lift and you think you are the luckiest person when the symptoms are relatively mild. I say mild because the opposite spectrum could be death.

Yes, I have had mild symptoms. My first 4 days were mostly body aches, weak muscles, mild headache, feeling fatigued, and some gastro issues that I won’t visualize with words. Day 5 started better body wise, but congestion kicked in. I’ll take that over body aches any day. A few days ago, I realized someone stole the flavoring out of my banana. It only tasted like 1/3 of it’s flavor was there.

My friend however, had brought me chocolate and cinnamon drops. My favorite! I’m telling you those have been my treat every time I pass that basket.

Friends are wonderful and I love food. Through a few friends food has shown up at my house; those tiny oranges, an apple turnover from the Butcher Shop, jello, soup, and ice cream. Yesterday, I ate six of those cute oranges. They tasted like nectar. I added a bit of salt and my taste buds loved it.

Mash potatoes have always been my comfort food. For dinner, I peeled real potatoes, boiled them, and mashed them with milk and butter. Imagine my let down when they disappointed me. I ate my apple turnover and I knew it didn’t taste right. Someone had let me down at the bakery, but that didn’t stop me from finishing its tasty, flaky crust.

Passing the candy basket on Day 6, I popped a cinnamon disk in my mouth and all I felt was a warm mouth. No taste of cinnamon delighting my tongue. After it dissolved, I peeled an orange and when I bit into it, It might as well have been a gummy worm that squirted water into my mouth. Honestly, what’s the point of eating now? Lunch, I cooked a half of onion, spinach, and two eggs. I could smell the onion. If I’m eating food now, it might as well be ‘good’ for me food!

So now, Covid…I’m going to put up with you, but wait…there will come a day when cinnamon disks will make my tongue dance again.

Oh wait! Picked up one of these and guess what…I can taste a bit of chocolate! Covid…You’ve met you nemesis!