New Year’s Eve…A day of endings and beginnings.  Soon we’ll be writing 2018.  I’ll probably need reminded to make 17 an 18 for a week or more, when school begins again.  Thank goodness, I’ll have 20 young minds to remind me.

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Yes, I’ll make New Year resolutions.  I actually like resolutions because they are goals for improving myself and my life around me.  I might not keep each one for the entire year, but it’s setting a direction of going forward.  If I drop off a few after the beginning of the year, then at least I’ve had started with a positive note.

Here are some resolutions that I’m starting the new year in mind with.  I plan on putting them on a list that I can see daily.  I may actually put them in my google calendar because it reminds me of upcoming events.  If I am reminded, I’ll most likely do it.  (That’s a very good plan)!

  • Write down one thing that I’m grateful for each day.  If I put a paper and pen on my coffee table, I’ll not forget to write them down.  I want to look at them and appreciate how precious and wonderful life is on days when I’m focusing in on minor imperfections of my life.


  • Read my Bible daily.  I haven’t waited to start this one.  I’m finding the book of Samuel very interesting.


  • Make a “To Do List” at the end of each month for the following month and try to accomplish three of those tasks.  I’m not a list maker, but I think this would help my tendency to procrastinate.


  • Go on a date once every three months.  Maybe, I should reconsider my goal to twice a year.  Hmmm..I haven’t had a date in three years, so this would be a monumental task for me.  Asking males for a date requires bravery.


  • Learn to play a string instrument.  I’m considering a ukulele because they seem less complicated.  I can picture myself strumming on my back porch swing.


  • Read one book per month.  I start books, but hardly finish one.  Fiction, no longer holds an appeal to me, so it has to be a practical or humorous book.  I may need suggestions.


  • Practice a dance move from YouTube every Saturday night.  This sounds fun and might help me with the question…”What do I do with my hands when dancing?”

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  • Write a card to one person every two weeks.  I need to buy them and keep on hand and make a list of people who might like/need to receive one.


  • Bake something for one of my neighbors once a month.  Mostly, I don’t know my neighbors and this would cause me to stretch out beyond my front and side neighbors.


  • Spend two nights of the work week without turning the TV on, which would give me time to accomplish some of these goals.


  • Begin a prayer journal and write down prayer requests and pray over them daily.  This would help my prayer life and allow me to see God’s movement in answering prayer.


  • Go to my exercise class four mornings a week.  Repeat to myself ….”I will wake up early and get out of bed!”  I may begin sleeping in my workout clothes.


  • Cook at home twice a week.  I need to make more use of the crockpot.  Which incidentally, would keep me from having popcorn for lunch on a daily basis.


So, I’m about to pop out of bed and head to church.  What a great way to start New Years Eve!

May 2017 end with laughter and 2018 be filled with wonder and joy.

Joy is one of the best things that you can fill yourself with.  Surround yourself with love and friendship.  Self-Control….another beautiful gift of the Holy Spirit which makes life much easier if practiced.  ( :

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I’d suggest having a pet because they give unconditional love and you can say anything to them without judgement.

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My daily companion

Happy New Year Friends!