We have a few days before spring officially arrives, but this week I’ve basked in the beauty of a spring break.  Five days off of work!  People who work year around call their week off a vacation.   As a teacher, we ride the break with the students!  Five days free not to set the alarm, having more than thirty minutes for lunch, and running errands before 4:00!  In our minds, we are gearing up for our two months of summer bliss!

I honestly don’t know if I could work year round.

Teaching is a mentally stressful profession, usually not from the students unless it’s disruptive behavior, that goes with the immaturity of youth and not thinking through the consequences of action.  The stress comes from parents, paperwork, time constraints, and data meetings.

I teach ten-year old students Math and I honestly love teaching that sweet age.  They are mature enough to work independently and are still at that age where they aren’t embarrassed to show their teacher they like them.

Sweet notes and drawings are nice to receive, but smiles, laughter, jokes, and hugs are my favorite.  The real reward is when they recognize me as young adults and tell me that 4th grade was their favorite year.  Kids don’t really remember all they learn in elementary school, they just remember if it was fun or not.  I want to be remembered as the teacher that made Math interesting and fun, and 4th grade, a happy time in their lives.

It’s been a pleasant off week; time to recharge and rest.

  • Celebrated my mom’s 78th birthday.
  • I took a day trip with friends to Natchitoches, Louisiana to enjoy its beauty and history.
  • Spent a day watching television curled up on the couch with my dog and cat.
  • Saw my dentist and discovered I had two cavities.
  • Enjoyed a day with my mom as she visited with every stranger she passed and commented on most things she saw.  (I love people who take the time and listen to her talk).
  • Mowed my front and back yard.
  • Shopped!
  • Crafted coasters out of napkins & tiles and a little Mod Podge.
  • Sipped a Shiner, listened to Darrin Morris sing, and visited with some single ladies from my small group.
  • Enjoyed a grilled steak with friends on their back porch.
  • I had people stay in my Airbnb home and enjoyed visiting with them.
  • And tomorrow, I plan to watch a movie and listen to a friend sing at the Gladewater Opry.
  • Sunday, I’m worshipping my savior!



On Monday, I plan on greeting my seventy-five students, enjoy hugs, teach Math, tell some corny jokes, and laugh.  Let the school year March on…..(yes, it’s a corny joke)!  I’m rested!