Our first cold front came through East Texas a little over two-weeks ago.  We were finally able to pull out those long sleeve shirts to ward off the cooler temperatures.  Unfortunately or not, back into the closet they went as warm weather trickled back in.  We’ll have to wait for another front to come through before our “Fall/Winter clothing can be everyday wear.

Not too long ago a Facebook friend posted a picture of snow in Colorado.  I looked at it half-longing to experience that crisp freshness of that cooler weather.

YMCA of the Rockies: Snow Mountain Ranch…Colorado

Here, in Texas, it was still hitting highs in the 90’s and I couldn’t wrap my mind around winter when it still felt like summer.  I was wearing shorts and sleeveless tops.

November is that transitional month for us to finally welcome Fall weather.  It’ll take a few weeks of peek-a-boo weather of warmth and coolness before it finally settles in near December.  Then we’ll wear our coats, boots, and scarfs.  Yes, mostly for style because it doesn’t really get cold here until January.

The season is slowly transforming.  Trees beginning to change colors and drop leaves.  My Crepe Myrtles and Bradford Pear are about the only trees in my yard changing colors, the others still holding on to their green.  I’m waiting on a prolonged freeze to make my perennials want to go into hiding for the winter.  Right now they are still hanging on to the warmth.

Waiting for change…waiting for differences to make an appearance.

In the meantime, Thanksgiving break finally arrived and with it a time of rest for us teachers and time off for our students.  A time to reflect and look forward.

Today, I’m attending a wedding shower.   We’ll gather, decorate, eat, chat, and then sit back to watch a beautiful girl opening her presents that she’ll use in her home after she becomes a Mrs.

A new season of her life!  Oh the glorious beauty of it.  Many of my friends’ children have moved forward, beginning that glorious spring of their lives.  I’m a bit envious of that freshness and all the beautiful ups and downs they’ll go through as they learn to live as husband and wife.

Learning…that’s the key word.  As they learn, their love will change and deepen.  Secret smiles will be exchanged and sweet and annoying habits will become routine.  I loved that time when John and I moved in sync with each other.  That season of marriage is better than the beginning.

I’m awake early.  Waiting on a decent hour to go out to mow the yard.  Most likely the last time it’ll need to be done this year.  Another cold front is due today.  In reality, I’m glad.  I’m past the point of wanting to work in the yard, knowing everything is going dormant until March when warmth will beckon them out again.

I keep having to remind myself to look forward.  Going through days where I have to fight to find something to look forward to doing.  Small periods of time, where my life simply feels….dormant.  When that happens, I do three things.

One, I smile.  I wait for the feeling to invade my body that goes along with smiling and even if it is just a mild feeling of contentment, it helps.  Two, I sing.  Sometimes, silently, in my head and other times, I belt in out loudly and it doesn’t matter that my pitch is off!

Three, I start filling my calendar with things to do beyond myself.  Life is better, with activities and people to do them with.  The beauty of families living under one roof is that they keep each other occupied and reminds them what is important in life…each other.  That my friends, is why God gives us people to love and do life with.

I’m always aware of how God has changed me.  I live with him daily.  I can’t image how I could do this life without Him in me.  It’s not Him I’m battling when I go through negative thoughts and want to live my life on the couch, isolating myself.  He is the victor when I smile, sing, and fill my calendar.  Life is so much more than being selfish in thoughts and actions.

I do believe there’s a time for quietness and rest.  I’m thankful for this week when I’ll have several days of peace, but I won’t be filling them with just me.  I’m looking forward to meeting with friends, family and turkey, baking with my mom, twittering around the house, and reflection.

I change what I wear according to the seasons.  Sometime, just to feel fashionable, sometimes to be practical according to the temperature or comfortable to wear.  My friend, Bryan, commented in small group, that we change what we wear in the seasons of our life with God.  I’m thankful for my life in all circumstances and I seek joy.  Yes, I’d change my history if I could.  But wouldn’t we all?

I’m giving thanks for the pleasure of lawn mowing and cooler weather.  Thanks for shopping;  I bought a new shirt to wear to the wedding shower, one that makes me feel pretty.  I’m thankful for activities that involve others.  I’m thankful for friends and family that love me and include me in their lives.

Most importantly, I’m thankful for being changeable during the seasons that God gives me in all seasons of my life.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving, and enjoy the days as we pass into Christmas season.  By the way…Did I mention that I’m thankful Cam is coming home for Christmas!  Happy mom!