Our treasures in life aren’t things, but people.  People we love and cherish; who enrich and add to our stories.  Who makes us glad that we are a piece of the puzzle that fits together and completes the picture of our lives.

It’s these people we want to share our joys and sorrows.  

  • Who do you think of when you are bursting with news to share?  
  • To hold you in their arms when life feels heavy?
  • Pass the hours away with when the day is sunny and warm?  
  • Holds your hand in silence when there are no words to convey what you’re feeling?
  • Laughs with you until you have a tummy ache?

A husband, a wife, a friend, a sister, a brother, a parent, a child . . .

Our lives are sewn with silken threads binding us like a cocoon.  Intricately weaving the cloth of our life experiences with one another.  The trials one friend has gone through is experience to share with another, so that we can be braver going through that dark pathway until light is seen glowing faintly in the distance.  As we walk, the light glows brighter, beckoning us forward.

Daily troubles and triumphs are blissfully shared, sometimes simply vented to a willing ear, over dinner or dessert.  How wonderful it feels to simply talk to friends that know you…strengths and foibles, and yet still give of themselves freely.  

Laughter bubbles over, piercing the air waves, and lightening the mood until it is contagious and shared.  How much better I feel when I let out a gushing wind of a giggle!  It’s much nicer to laugh with others, than alone.  Stories are shared and our hearts are opened.  Tension melts as hugs are given and received.  

Whatever lies ahead is different than what once was before and time and life doesn’t stand still until death removes us from this earth.  I know what lies beyond this earth is more beautiful than we can ever imagine.  However, while we’re here, take a moment and be the one that both gives and receives.  No one at the end of their life will say, “I wish I had loved less.”  

Remember and share the One that loves you more than any other and pray daily.

  • Love generously!   
  • Don’t be afraid of receiving love abundantly!
  • This is life!
  • God is good!