I believe I’m under appreciated in my own home.  My job as dog of the house is to make sure that everyone does what is expected, especially the cat.

I believe that is my toy

It is my job to keep the cat in line.  If I hear the person in my house use a tone that sounds stern it is my job to get up and chase that annoying cat around the house because I am the cat police.

Silly Cat!

I always greet my person at the door when she returns home. 

Then I run out the door and go to the mailbox to put my scent back on the grass that the rude neighborhood dogs have taken over by putting their scent on it.

Entertainment is something I’m proud to do.  When my person runs through the house, I chase after her and then she turns around and chases after me.  We do that until she gets tired and gives up.  I bark and run!

When my person lays on the couch, it is my duty to sit behind her knees and curl up to keep her warm and comfort.   If  my boy, Cameron, is home I help him out too.

I get ticked off at the cat when he comes around for attention too when I’m with my person on the couch.  I’m of the opinion that Pippin, the spoiled cat, gets too much attention.  He’s not very nice either!

When my person looks a little bored, I jump on the chair or couch and lay on my back, so that she can rub my tummy. I know she needs something to do.

Here’s my toy!

The way to get rid of stress when I feel anxious is to turn in circles and chase my tail.  I also growl and bark at the same time.

When I’m not for sure what’s going on, I tilt my head side to side trying to understand.  People can be confusing.

Whenever someone comes to visit the house, I know it is solely to play with me, so I always go to the washroom to show them where the toys are kept.  If they don’t pay attention, I run from them to the washroom, so that they don’t get lost on the way.

I can jump as high as the door handle when I’m really excited!

An open car door is an invitation to go for a ride

I love car rides!

When riding in the car, it is important to stand up on the door handle and look out the window.  If for some reason the window opens, I get to stick my head out to have my ears blow in the wind.

When visiting the building that has people in a window, I jump on the drivers side of the car, so they can see me, and then they will send a treat back in a magic tube.

I eat whatever drops on the floor when my person is eating or cooking in the kitchen.

A bag that rattles means that cheese is coming out of the refrigerator.  Love me some cheese!

‘Uh..oooo’ means that something delicious has fallen on the floor!  Get out of the way … monster cat!

‘Pop…Pop…Pop’ means popcorn is in the microwave.  Yummy!
‘Clink…Clink…Clink’ means that ice cubes are going in a glass…love to eat me some ice!

I own a boy and when anyone comes near him or touches him in any way, I growl at the offender even if it is the person that lives in my house.

When I’m angry, I growl loudly and show my teeth, but I’m a chicken at heart and I’ll go sit on my pillow when scolded.

When my boy is home, I sit by his bedroom door until he comes out.  I’m very loyal.  Even if it’s for hours at a time.

When the leash comes out it means I get to ride in the car.  I like to show how excited I am by jumping up and down.  Sometimes I go and then I enter this place called, ‘The Vet’ that smells like lots of other dogs and I am terrified and I tremble.  When I come home, I pout and don’t eat for at least a day….that shows how traumatized I am.

I don’t like tables made out of stainless steel.  Something bad always happens in that place.  Something pushed in my bottom, nails cut, and shots!  I growl fiercely to show them that I hate that place.

Occasionally a leash will mean we are going for a walk.  It’s fun to go walking for about the first ten minutes and then after that I start jumping on my person’s legs to show that I want to be carried.

Chew bones are to be treasured and protected at all cost.  I carry it from room to room whenever anyone tries to get close to me because I know it is very tasty.

The best word in the world is …’treat!’  Oh yeah….and ‘ball!’…..and “Go!”

I’m always brave when I’m on the inside of the door and another dog is in my yard.  I can bark really loud, but I don’t want to get near them if I’m outside.

 Big dogs are scary!

I absolutely love chasing a ball and bringing it back again and again for a person to throw.  That is what I do the best!

Sometimes, my ball or toy gets lost and I have to go search for it.  I never give up until I find it!  I think that my person loses it on purpose occasionally, but I don’t know why…my job is to track it down no matter how much time is involved.

I love to chase squirrels, but I’ve never actually caught one.
Sit, stay, toy, ball, treat, and Cameron’s home’ . . . are my favorite words.

I hate when that annoying cat drinks my water.

                      Never trust a cat!

Whose idea was it to bring a cat to live in the house with me?  

My pillow is a bad place to be sent to when I’m in trouble through no fault of my own.  However, it’s the most comfortable place to sleep at night since I’m not allowed to sleep in the bed…..unlike that….that thing of a fur ball called Pippin.  I love curling up on soft, cuddly blankets.  

I want to please my person as much as I can.I love her and will follow her everywhere!

Most of my days are pretty normal, but there are things that bother me…..
When someone stares me in the eyes, I don’t like it, and I’ll look away and then look back at them…and then look away….Hey I’m trying to prove to them that I’m not aggressive.  It’s kind of embarrassing for a dog of my character.

Sometimes, when someone pets me I growl low to show them that I like it!  They think I’m being bad, but it’s my version of purring.  Pippin never gets in trouble for purring….unfair!

I hate sitting in people’s laps or being hugged and don’t even mention the word ‘BATH!”  It makes me hide under the chair.  I roll on bugs to make me smell this wonderful.  Did I mention that I’m a great bug hunter?

I know that firecrackers are loud and make a scary sound, so I hide under a chair when I hear them until they go away.  They really hurt my ears!

                                                The words, ‘Bad Dog’ makes me sad….

Whatever you do, never trust the cat!  He pounces on me and gets undeserved hugs from my person.  Why can’t she see that he’s a trouble maker…just bad judgement I guess.

        Dang CAT!

Whenever I’m home alone, I sleep!  I’m not a young pup anymore and I need my rest.

Yes, the life of a dog is not easy.  It takes lots of work to make the house function smoothly.  It was much nicer when my boy lived at home every night and before that four legged feline came to live in the house to torture me, but, I do the best I can.

I’m loyal to the very end…..and I’m Z..O..E..Y… a real cutie…and an awesome dog….most of the time!

We’re packed!