I love my pets.  Pippin is the typical cat, “Love me and play with me when I want and then go away.”

Zoey, my dog, lives to please me, “Let’s play” and she’ll practically do anything I ask her to do.  Her favorite thing to do is fetch the ball and ride in the car.

My pets are my companions.  They are the ones I talk to in the evening, my entertainment and my roommates.  They are my constant shadows.  Which ever room I’m in . . . that’s where they are.

Zoey is a ten year old Jack Russell that weighs ten pounds.  She is a loving dog except when Cameron is home and then I become her biggest pain.

She thinks she owns Cam and although I’m the alpha dog at home, when he gets here, she’ll growl and bark at me if I come close to him, not to mention touch him.  When she was a puppy, John and Cam discovered that if they played like that were hitting each other, Zoey would turn in circles and chase her tail.  It was a funny thing to watch.  Yes, probably not fun for Zoey because it made her anxious.  To this day, she’ll still do it when she’s nervous.

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at 10.10.19 PM
Packing for vacation

Whenever, I want to place Zoey anywhere to take a picture inside, if I put a pillow where I want her to sit, she’ll get on the pillow and stay there until I ask her to move.

I was dead set against getting an inside dog.  I didn’t want to deal with the shedding and the accidents that went with an inside puppy.  Sneaky John told Cam we were going to get an inside dog and then Cam told me.  I wasn’t going to be the ‘bad’ guy and say no.  So Zoey arrived and she was a cutie.  When we brought her home she fit in the palm of John’s hand.

John took on the responsibility of training.  I don’t remember Zoey having too many accidents in the house.  She’s a smart dog.  Whenever we’d eat, John would place her on her pillow while we ate and then every time she got off, he’d sit her back on the pillow.  Goodness, he had patience.  He’d get up time and time again to put her back on the pillow.  However, still to this day, whenever we eat, Zoey knows she’s suppose to sit until I get through eating.

When Zoey was a puppy she’d practically eat anything laying around the house.  I remember once she emptied the bathroom trash can that had rubbing alcohol Q-tips inside it.  We noticed she was staggering around the house and couldn’t walk straight.  The silly dog was drunk on rubbing alcohol Q-tips.  We laughed at how goofy she was acting and falling off her pillow.  She slept it off and I bought a trash can with a lid.

Once I had pillows with pretty tassels on the corners.  I didn’t realize she’d eaten them until when she was ‘pooping’ outside and she had these long strings hanging out her butt and she couldn’t get them to come out.  Hilarious, but gross!  I cut off the rest of the tassels on the pillow and threw them away.

Isn’t this suppose to be in water?

Pippin is a little over two years old.  He’s a beautiful golden male cat that weighs eighteen pounds and thinks he rules the house.  He only wants to be petted when he feels like it.  He hates to be held, but loves to sleep in my bed.  If I have my hands out from under the cover, he’ll come try to get his head under my hand.  If I don’t pet him, he’ll bite my fingers trying to get me to move them.  Silly thing hasn’t figured out that biting gets him pushed off the bed.

He loves to play chase.  We have a fake mouse on a long string tied to a yellow plastic stick.  Sometimes, I wake to find that toy mouse in my bed.  The stick is about a foot long and has about three feet of string attached to it.  I’d love to see him pull it around the house, but he only does it when I’m asleep.  Whenever, I let Zoey out to go to the bathroom, Pippin will take the attack position and wait for Zoey to come back in.  As Zoey walks in, she is pounced upon.  Zoey runs and Pippin gives chase.

Zoey thinks she is the cat police.  Whenever I get on to the cat for doing something, Zoey will jump up and chase her out of the room barking.  I don’t know what those two do when I’m at work.  I don’t know if they both sleep all day or if they give each other space.  They act like they can barely tolerate each other, but then other times, Pippin will lay on her back and put her paws on Zoey’s face and they will get so close that their noses are almost touching.

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at 10.10.46 PM
Let’s play!

I can’t imagine how boring or quiet my house would be without those two for companions.  Without them I wouldn’t talk aloud.  They give me a reason to talk, so that I don’t have to talk to myself.  Right now, Zoey is sleeping beside me, comforting me with her small body.  Pippin is sitting in the kitchen window grooming himself, occasionally looking at me.

In a few moments, I’ll say bedtime and they will both follow me to my room.  Zoey will crawl on her pillow and curl up to sleep and Pippin will lay down beside me and lay his paw on my face.  They’re not people, but they definitely love me and they help fill the hole in my heart.  I’ll fall asleep knowing that I’m not alone and when I wake, they’ll be there ready to love and play with me.

Pets really are lovely creatures