Parenthood is a gift.

After a miscarriage early in our marriage that brought us to the reality that we weren’t in a place financially to have a baby, John decided to continue his college education.  He finished his associates degree and had a full time job managing a men’s clothing store in the mall.  Feeling better financially, we decided to try to get pregnant again.  

Two years later, still no baby.  We now had been married over five years.  We decided to go to a OB/GYN that specialized in infertility to help us figure out why.  Many tests later, we began fertility drugs to help us.  For almost three years, no test was too intrusive, through many cycles of fertility drugs, and taking morning temperatures to find our ovulation time, Cameron was finally conceived.  I had been through so many ‘possibilities’ that I couldn’t believe we were actually pregnant until we saw a tiny pulse of light beating on a sonogram.  A mere six weeks along and we were in love our child.  

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at 6.43.27 PM
Finally pregnant!

It was a difficult pregnancy with all day sickness, gestational diabetes, gallstones, and preeclampsia, but feeling him move inside me was one of the most amazing, beautiful moments I had as a woman.  We’d lay in bed and watch my stomach move all over and know that our son was alive.  Nothing was too silly to try.  We made a baby music tape and put ear phones on my tummy, so he could hear music we loved.  We’d talk to him as he moved around.  He was a month early, born on Good Friday the 13th, and we were worried about the development of his lungs, but he was wonderfully healthy.  Six pounds 12 ounces and 18 inches long.  Cameron was the most beautiful baby we’d ever seen of course! 

The joy of parenthood was everything we thought it would be.  We held him, rocked him, and everyday we fell more in love with our son.  We talked about sleep habits, drooling, poopy diapers, cutting teeth and all those other things that take precedent over what was going on in our lives.  God overwhelms parents with love for this little creature in our image.  If we can feel so much, I can only imagine the love He has for us.  

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Kitchen sink bath!

Some moments God places a picture in our mind that never leaves.  The images flash.  The first time this little person is placed in my arms and us smiling at each other over his head.  Cameron sitting up for the first time and the first tooth we discovered.  It was almost through before we saw it.  The funny army crawl he got around with.  Putting up the Christmas tree for the first time as parents and him cruising around the coffee table and couch.  Shopping for his first Christmas present with him sitting in the buggy.  Falling asleep in the high chair and spaghetti all over the place.  So many images, it’s hard to catalogue them all.

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John’s 2nd Degree

When our children are tiny it’s hard to imagine how fast the time is going to fly by.  If parents could look backward, they’d cherish the tiny moments more.  We’d not worry about the trivial events that seem important at the time.  I guess that’s why grandparents have special love for their grandchildren because they know how to cherish those tiny moments.  

Elementary school goes fast, but not as fast as the junior high and high school years.  Before we knew it, Cameron had become a person on his own.  He’s a person that I admire.  He’s had so many challenges and has faced them head on with such a positive attitude.  

I love the man that he has become.   In him, I see the qualities that I loved in John.  Strength and

Screen shot 2016-03-28 at 6.45.25 PM
High School graduation

humor and sure of his own self worth, and the ability to see the best in people.  Qualities that I’m sure will continue to grow and strengthen with his age.  My prayer that I continue to pray is that he reaches out to God for His will in his life.  

Parenthood is a gift.  Some people have the joy of raising their own kids, some to help guide other people’s children.  I’m happy to say some of the sweetest people I know added substance to Cameron’s life through church and school.  I know many more will continue to do so.

Go spread your gift: Parent or not, everyone has the ability to add to other’s lives and the joy received is priceless.