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Amish buggy way ahead

In our fast paced era of keeping up through technology and not being able to leave the house without a phone; why are we drawn to Lancaster County, PA to see the simpler way of life?  I actually squealed out loud when I saw the Amish girl driving a buggy.  I paused down from an Amish farm to watch boys tend to their cattle.

I visited a country store at an Amish home.  There were three Amish ladies inside.  One was a girl in her early twenties who ran the store, and the other two were shopping.  Of the shoppers, one was about my age and the other in her mid twenties also.  I greeted them and the store keeper responded back.  My shoes seemed loud in the quiet store.  The two ladies shopping were talking in almost whispers.  (They would have been a perfect example for my students to know what six-inch voices sound like).  I was acutely conscious of my bare legs and arms in summer clothes when the other three were dressed in their Amish dress.

The store inventory ranged from material, buttons, Amish hats, suspenders, shawls to household items, books, and cards.  I so wanted to buy an Amish cap, but didn’t want to be disrespectful because this store was obviously stocked to fit their needs, not for tourists.  I did buy a small cookbook.

Road work was going on in an intersection and the workers did a slow job of moving traffic. I barely moved for about 45 minutes and there were many impatient motorists both behind and in front of me.  I people watched because we were in a neighborhood of a tiny town.

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Neighborhood home

Finally moved on and begin my lost trek south and west.  At least the countryside was beautiful and I had the opportunity to snap many pictures.

Finally saw a name of a town that was on the atlas I was using. (By the way, I no longer trust Olivia, my GPS)!

As I traveled along, the town of Hershey appeared on a mileage sign and I knew it was near Harrisburg.  I had heard that it smelled like chocolate, but there wasn’t any delicious aroma in the air when I visited.  I enjoyed seeing the town and it seemed so strange seeing a hospital, schools, and businesses with the name on them that I associate with chocolate and deliciousness. The street lights were in the shape of candy Kisses!

I spent the night in Winchester, Virginia (nothing to do with guns there).  Thankfully, Darlene sent me toward Charlottesville and Monticello, home of Thomas Jefferson.

It was beautiful!  I’ll never hold a nickel and not be able to see it in my mind.  I learned much more about the man who wrote our Declaration of Independence and was our third president.  Such a forward thinking person who loved education of all sorts.  I loved his room designs and bed placement.  He was obviously a scholar, but cared about relationships.  I’m going to have to read a biography on him.

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On this trip, I’ve seen so many names and places that pop off the pages of history.  I may have to do a history trip! 

Sally, you might have to loan me Joe!  He and I would be on the same wave length about staring at pieces of land.  I crossed the Potomac River on a bridge mind you, and I gave a whoop!  Revolutionary, Civil war, or piddly everyday life styles of the past enthralls me!