We’ve started a weight loss challenge at work. It’s a new year, so why not get a jump on a healthier me. We have a sponsor, which is awesome. A challenge to loose 20 pounds by May and it came with a fit bit.

Now a fit bit is not something I would spend money on. As a single person, I can always find something I’d rather spend money on than something to count steps. I have a phone with a health app that counts my steps, as long as I’m carrying the phone. Not worth the money…that’s what I thought.

However, I’m loving this one that was given to me to wear! I find myself running around in my house just to see how many steps I can add to the counter. Pippin and Zoey, my pets, must think that I’ve lost my mind running down the hall, back up to the kitchen, before turning around in the laundry room to repeat it. On Thursday, I added 1200 steps doing that…everytime there was a commerical…I ran. : ) And on Thursday, I walked over 11,000 steps.

Today, it’s reminded me of how very lazy I can be on a Saturday. Binge watching The Witcher, I only walked 5625 steps. Whatever did we do before binge watching shows on Netflix? Being more productive and more social, I am sure!

This silly thing even tells me how long I’m sleeping. Last night I slept 8 hours twenty-six minutes. Sleeping in on a Saturday morning is one of my small bright spots during the school year. Even my pets usually give me a break of getting up early on a weekend.

I’m down two pounds over a couple of weeks. Slow going, but I’m simply eating healthier and not eating late in the evening. I’m hoping now since I have this counter on my wrist, which only comes off for showers, that I will be more motivated to move.

When visiting my son in NYC, where walking is the norm, I get over 15,000 steps easily. But here in a town that travel is by car, 12,000 requires a lot of effort. In NYC, I don’t notice a lot of obese people on the streets. In Longview, they are everywhere and somehow, I always notice them when I’m eating Mexican food. Which is quite often! : )

So you tiny black motivator on my wrist…carry on and make me move.