Happy birthday to me….(humming)….Happy birthday to me….Happy birthdayyyy….I’m fifty-threeee….Happy birthday to me!    I’ll add….what a great age to be!

I woke up with my phone blinking blue.  We all know what that means….notifications of some sort! These were birthday wishes from Facebook friends.  Heck, I don’t even care that they are automatic reminders on peoples home pages.  What matters is people took a few seconds to wish me a happy day.  I appreciate Facebook reminders.  It does what my brain can’t do; remember important dates! Sitting in bed and I’ve received nine birthday wishes from people who are or have been part of my life.

At school, our principal, Amy, is like a Facebook reminder and names every single birthday of all students and teachers on the daily announcements. (She even does summer birthdays before school is out).  How sweet it is to be told by kids and teachers alike “Happy birthday” as I walk down the halls.  This year, two of my students are my ‘birthday sisters.’  Hugs and well wishes on Friday was a delightful way to begin my weekend.

I don’t mind sharing that I’m fifty-three with anyone.  My students each year ask my age and I’m happy to report it.  I always get, “You don’t look that old.”  I appreciate that, but really, they’re turning ten, so they don’t have a great concept of aging.  It could also be that I get to be my goofiest with them.  Teachers have an amazing job where we can act all serious or turn on our silliest selves to teach a concept and kids don’t judge.  We have the best profession ever!

Best yet, Cameron is home for my birthday.  According to him, “Today is mine to do as I wish.” Love it!  He won’t say no to any suggestion I make.

I remember turning thirty and being a bit down about it.  Forty, however, didn’t bother me at all.  Fifty-three, I’m feeling blessed!  Not because of any large reason, just small ones.

I’m happy!  Contentment is a choice that I’m trying to live in.  I’m striving not to let temporary sadness of situations color my world.  All is not always rosy and without strife.  I’ll have a person or parent say something that unsettles me.  Family situations come up that I’d rather not deal with or something will break down that’ll cost money to fix, but those are only fleeting moments that cause my emotions to go into a tail spin.  The spinning is short lived and the day moves on.

Whenever I’m feeling lonely, ‘Move and find something to do’, that’s what I tell myself.  It’s what kept me going through grief.  I won’t say past grief, but distance from the loss, does heal.   A scar remains, but it doesn’t bleed and I don’t notice it daily.  I smile and I live and recognize that God has given me wonderful life.

My body is feeling the effects of growing older.  My knee joints sometimes ache and I’m stiff after sitting for a period of time.  I’m learning the better food I put in my body, the better I feel and moving is a must.  Stretching makes me feel less stressful and a smile does wonder for my attitude.

Eating well and exercise isn’t the only important parts to feeling good about aging.  Positivity is an important factor and not letting my tongue control itself or my mind seek out negativity is crucial.  With all that being said, seeking God is my number one reason for contentment.   I am loved by the most high.

Fifty-three…another year that He has seen fit to give me.  Another year that I celebrate and live.

As I’ve written this, I now have over thirty wishes….sharing some.

Hau`oli Lā Hānau Becky 
(Thanks for making me feel special, Joe V.) Care Groupie friend!

Happy birthday to one of the most vivacious people I’ve ever met. Have a wonderful day. 
(Feeling ooh-la-la! Thanks, Steve J.) YMCA friend!

Happy birthday sis love you so much
(Thanks David!)

Happiest Birthday wishes Becky!
(Thanks sweet, Cousin Jeannie!)

Happy birthday Becky! Hope your day brings a never ending smiles.
(Wishes from my museum, porch time boss @ YMCA, Carie-Thanks!)

Happy birthday cousin
(Thanks cuz Debi)

Happy birthday to you sweet friend.🎉I hope you have a wonderful day.
(Sweet Petrice)  Care Groupie!

Happy Happy Birthday Becky. Hope your day is filled with all things beautiful and happy.
(Thanks, LInda F.) OHBC friend and FB fan!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY “MOM!” I hope your day is splendid and do something fun to spoil yourself!! Miss you.  (My ‘daughter’ Caryn G.  Made my heart melt) YMCA family

Happy birthday Becky have a great day xx
(Thanks! Sally’s mom, Maureen)  All the way from Scotland!  (I sounded like Sean Connery in my mind as I said, “Scotland.”)

Happy happy birthday friend!! Hope you have a wonderful day
(Thanks bubbly, Georgeanne B.) 
Happy happy your day girlfriend!
(Thanks up-lifting, Debbie M!)
Both these ladies and I have walked the same path and are stronger for it!

Happy birthday sweet friend! Enjoy your day!
(Thanks dearest, lovely Sally)  My special friend!

I’ve recorded these here to remind myself how truly, incredibly blessed, I am.  More are filling my page, but I need to end now, get out of bed, and start my day!  What a wonderful, wonderful life.