Is it morning yet?

I don’t have them very often, but I’m having one now.  One of those nights where I’m awake at 2:00 in the morning and my mind is off and running.  

This morning, I happen to be awake to read a text from Cam when he sends it to me, so a brief conversation of words pass through our phones.  No mom ever likes to hear a child not feeling well when we’re a hundred miles apart.  Advice given, prayers lifted and waiting for time to pass.

No idea what woke me from a slumber…a list a mile long starts running through my brain of things I need to do in the future, but nothing I can do right now.  Thinking of getting up to do laundry.  Would that be too intrusive to the other house members?  A quick run to the restroom and a cabinet begs to be rearranged.  That at least took about twenty minutes of this early morning time drag.

My toes are begging to be pampered as I feel them scrapping on the sheet.  It’s been almost three months since they were treated special.  Closed toed shoes have not been their friend this Summer.  See all the ridiculous things that I notice at …. 3:20 in the morning!

Maybe a survey needs to be taken of people, both men and women, that wake up predawn to see how different our minds function.  I’m sure that I’m not alone in being awake and I wonder what others are thinking about as they too wait for the day to begin.

I”m anticipating the new school year with all the beginnings it brings.  That’s going through my mind at I lie in bed waiting for the time to tick by, so I can begin my day.  I’m thinking of the work that still needs to be done before students arrive on Monday.  I’m most likely going to be a school very early today to get some of that work in.

My apartment that I’ve found to live in follows right behind on the heels of thinking of work.  I know there are many items in my storage units (plural, I have two) that are going to have to go because of the space issue, or better yet, the lack of space issue.

I’ve now had some time between living with the things and living without them.  Will that make letting go of items that I thought I needed easier?  Association of people with furniture, pictures, and other loved ‘things’ doesn’t make a lot of sense and yet, it’s what we do.  Attachment and love transferred to a material piece because the person isn’t here any longer.  I’d still have the memory, but nothing to see and touch.  Is it necessary or needed?

I love to go junk shopping or ‘antiquing,’ but ultimately it’s just items that people have discarded in their life and others have latched on to add to their life.  Sometimes, I pick it up because I associate it with grandparents.  Other times, I’m not sure what draws me to it.  I’m sure decorating a home or surrounding ourselves with things has more to do with our psychology then we give it credit.

4:00 AM…I’m eating a bowl of Shredded Wheat in bed and have started a load of laundry.  Waiting for the wee hours of the morning to turn into “It’s not too early to get up.”  I know the ‘wilting hour’ will hit me today and I’ll be longing for a nap, but hopefully I’ll be able to function.

The brain is a wondrous organ and our heart an amazing muscle.  Together they’re the perfect pair.  Tied to thought and beating with life giving blood.  When one ceases our life is over.   Isn’t it strange that we say we love with our heart, but our mind actually guides everything.  Mine this morning is keeping me awake and causing me to ponder way too much.

So, on that thought, I’m ending here.  I hope you had a wonderful night’s sleep.  On those mornings when you wake in the wee hours when the stars are still shining, may you be productive or lazy as you wish, but remember somewhere someone is awake with you.