Nothing special happened to make my day bright or this week stand out.  I simply worked at the museum, enjoyed this beautiful place where I’m living, and appreciated the loveliness that surrounds me.  My heart is humming.

I won’t say that I always have a happy disposition because I don’t, but I will say that I’m an optimist.  God has blessed me and I am thankful that He resides in my heart.  When I feel down, I think of how often God has shown me His strength.  How many opportunities that have been set before me that has allowed me to grow and enjoy this beautiful life.

I love to tease and I appreciate the sense of humor that allows me to appreciate life.  Thankfully, God has given me teeth in abundance to smile big.  What I also have is a laugh that can either annoy or want to make people laugh with me.

This past week, I showed some of the museum staff that I can laugh like the Wicked Witch of the West.  I bragged that I could also sound like a hyena, but of course, I couldn’t do it on demand.  At lunch, Bob, wanted me to laugh like the witch for someone, but what comes out?  The hyena.  I almost silenced the lunchroom.  Luckily, it was at the late lunch, so it wasn’t so crowded.  Will it be forgotten?  Not likely by Bob and myself.

It’s fun to stay at the…

On Wednesday, I met three ladies that were having a friend reunion.  Two were RV camping in RMNP and the other one was staying at one of the lodges.  It was my second evening to sit near the fire in the Administration Building because we’ve had some cool days this week.  

As I sat there, a lady and her family sat on the couch, but it wasn’t long before I was surrounded by nine people.  They simply included me in their conversation.  I stayed two hours with them.  One lady was from Austin, another from Colorado Springs, and the other one was from Arizona.  We chatted about kids, camping, the Y, weather, games, and food.  I hated to leave them to go to my cabin, because I was having such a nice time.  It reminded of chatting and laughing with my own girlfriends.

On beautiful weather days when we aren’t busy in the museum, we sit on the porch and visit.  Think of family time sitting outside talking and that’s what ‘porch time’ feels like.  There’s rocking chairs and a comfy swing and we watch the activity of the Y.

Porch Time!

Our view is entertaining.  The shuttle bus runs every hour, the activity of people going to Sweet Memorial for programs, the pool building is close, the craft building is next door, and people walk the trails next to us, day campers use our yard for snack time or lunch.  

There’s plenty to watch and we greet people as they come to the museum.  We have a bird house that wrens are nesting in and the babies just hatched, so there’s lots of bird action because the swallows are trying to take over the house.  We have ground squirrels and rabbits constantly moving in the yard, humming birds feeding on the hanging baskets, and the occasional deer.  It’s a beautiful place to be.

This week we’ve had a variety of weather.  The first of the week was rainy and cold and I had to turn the heater back on in our cabin, but the last two days it’s been Spring like.  Today, the sun has shined and we’ve had a brisk west wind.

It’s Friday, so my three and four year old day campers came today.  It was the first time that I didn’t have to fill the extra time playing games.  Of course, ‘history’ was this week’s theme, so I had plenty of props to use from the museum.  What’s so funny about historical items for young kids is that everything is old to them.

Historic Cabin #40

I took them into the cabin that is set up like the late 40’s.  They really didn’t notice a difference from their kitchen to this one.  So instead, I started pointing out things in the bedrooms of the cabin that they might have at home.  Bunk beds…check.  Cowboy hats…check.  Toy guns…check.  

Next, we went into the Purple Finch Cabin and we sat in a semi-circle.  I took out artifacts; a bonnet, washboard, a cloth doll, hand turn mixer, antique iron, old picture in a frame, and a blanket.  We passed them around and everyone used them.  I was so happy that I kept them entertained and the time flew by.  The last few minutes were used ringing the bell that came off a train.  A successful day camp lesson…check!

For a camp museum, I think we’re busy.  In an average day, we have about 60 plus people come in to see it and that’s not counting the day camp children that come for a weekly lesson.  On rainy days, we have more because they need something to do outside their cabin or lodge.

We have a 1862 Knabe piano that we ask people to play if they can.  About five people played for us today.  Chopsticks, we hear plenty of, but there are times, I’m impressed by how beautifully someone plays.  Staff comes to play also and it’s nice to see the regulars come by for some piano therapy.

We also had a lady that does appraisals for a living come in today.  The art that we have hanging caught her eye.  She pointed out an 1880 frame on one and the Chinese sewing basket on our Singer Sewing Machine.  I felt like I was on the Antique Roadshow.  I handed her off to one of the staff that knew more than I did and she was helpful with the background of some of the artists’ paintings that we have hanging on the walls.

After dinner, while waiting for a concert to start, I simply walked around and thought how wonderful it is to be in this place.  I have one month left, and time seems to be flying by.  I thought I’d never get adjusted to seeing the breathtaking mountains around me, yet I have.

View from Admin porch

As I rocked on the Administration Building’s porch, listening to the conversations around me, I noticed the long shadows of the pine trees on a mountain in front of me.  Usually, I look to the mountains, I see the snow.  This time I noticed the greenery on the mountains, the sun shinning, and the shadows of the clouds over them.  I wasn’t looking at the top of the mountains, but at the slopes. This time I looked at different details.

Isn’t that a life lesson?  Don’t always focus on the same view or issue.  Look for divergent angles, and don’t be afraid of getting off the regular path and trying new things.

I think of how safe my world felt while married and how totally out of control I felt without John being with me.  Now, my life is different and how much more empowered I feel by trying new things, traveling, and not being afraid to go somewhere new even if I get lost along the way.  I’ll come out somewhere.  Maybe not where I was planning, but I haven’t regretted getting lost once.  (smiling)…

I left the a cappella concert at intermission time, not because it wasn’t entertaining, but because I lost my name badge.  I retraced my steps to see if I could find it.  It was turned in and put in the RA’s box, so I know it’s safe until I pick it up.

Coming out of the Admin. building, I noticed the clouds being painted a hue of pink and blue.  It was one of those sunsets that calls out to you to stop in admiration of God’s creation.  If I hadn’t lost my badge, I would have been sitting in the auditorium oblivious to the magnificent painting in the sky.  WOW!  So much more inspiring than what I had planned for my evening.

God’s Art Work

Thank you, Lord.