I headed out for a hike to Bible Point about 10:10.  I wasn’t sure what to expect up there, but I knew the hike wasn’t terrible…just steep and a little over 500 feet and six tenths of a mile, but the altitude is 8,650 feet.

The altitude is what’s hard to adjust to here in the Rockies.  I sound a bit like Darth Vader when I climb.  I found a good walking stick to carry with me on the trail.  I understand why people walk with poles.  They do help steady!  I’ve been advised when hiking by myself to let someone know where you’re going.  I texted Randi, the nurse, to let her know I was going to Bible Point.  (She’s one of the friends I’ve made here).

I labored up the slope in small stages.  In my mind, I’d set a goal to reach a certain point and then rest against a tree or sit on a rock.  While I was sitting, a family of four passed me and I never saw them again.  There was a woman in her mid 30’s up ahead of me and I’d catch glimpses of her as I climbed.  I think she was taking breaks also.  As I hiked, I’d thought I’d see some wildlife, but I didn’t see anything, except birds.  A hiker coming down gave me some encouragement that I didn’t have far to go as he passed me.  He must of heard me breathing because he asked if I had water.  I did.  On the way up, I drank more than half of it.

As I neared the top, I saw my fellow hiker down below me on a trail.  I asked her if she had found it because the trail became confusing near the top.  She hadn’t because the trail confused her too.  I told her I thought it must be toward the top.  She climbed back up and passed me.  I’m slow.  I stopped to sit and asked her to holler at me if she found it.  In just a few minutes, I heard her yell, ‘Ma’am, it’s this way.  I see the mailbox.”

At the top there is a beautiful view, a grave site, a cross, and a mailbox.  It started as a place for reflection called Buena Vista.  The other three things were added after Edwin Bradt, a nineteen year old boy, died from a car accident in Nebraska in 1918, on the way to his brother’s wedding.  He loved Buena Vista, so after his funeral here at the YMCA, they carried his body up and buried it there.  His headstone reads, “A normal life.  He advanced in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and men.”  Then it reads, “All things work together for good to them that love God.”  His parents placed a bible in a mailbox there.  Over the years, the name Buena Vista faded away and it became known as Bible Point.

Instead of hiking the way I came, I found the Mountain Side road and walked to Overlook Chapel.  A wedding rehearsal was underway, so I sat and watched for a while before heading back down for lunch.  It took about two and a half hours to do that walk.  I kept the walking stick as a souvenir!  I just had time for a quick lunch and a change of clothes before work at 1:30.

After work, I planned going to church with one of the ladies.  They have church service on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings.  She, however, forgot me.  (sniff…sniff).  I drove to church when I realized I had been forgotten, but it had already been in progress for about thirty minutes, so I decided just to go Sunday morning.

Since I was in town, I thought I’d find something to do.  Headed to the movies.  No luck, all the movies were in progress.  Feeling a bit blue, I decided to hit the bar, (Snorting here), The Rock Inn Mountain Tavern is close to the Y.  I bellied up to the bar…(Laughing)… I had to really lift myself high to get on those stools.  After being asked what I wanted, (I had no idea)… Luckily, they have a bar menu, so I found the coffees and ordered a ‘french press.’

Sitting there, trying not too look lonely in a room full of people having dinner and watching the hockey game on the television at the bar, I decided to order dessert . . . Lemon Cheesecake.  Fabulously delicious is how I would describe it.  Drinking coffee, eating cheesecake, listening to the music (man with a guitar), and people watching, filled about an hour.

I got tickled listening to the single guy beside me volunteer to pay for two young girls second round of drinks.  I thought he’d do better if he skipped over a few stools to be closer to them.  Instead, he watched the game, read his phone, and looked occasionally at the two beauties.  I noticed he didn’t ask to pay for MY dessert and coffee.  (giggle)

Headed back to the Y about 9:10, and decided to hang out on the porch at the Registration building.  I like sitting in the chairs on the front porch.  It’s always interesting to people watch, take in the view, and occasionally meet a new person.

While flipping through the pictures on my phone, a lady plopped in the chair next to me and said, “Can I look through my phone with you?”  That made me laugh.  Excitedly, she told me all the wildlife that she had seen at the RMNP.  I was jealous.  She had a bear and a moose on her phone!  I’ve been driving through there looking for those two and she had spotted both on the same evening.  I looked at her pictures of the bear.  She swore it looked bigger in person.

She was a Methodist preacher’s wife from Denver and this was their final evening here.  We begin to exchange pleasantries and she shared that she had lived ten years in Tyler.  She even knew a few people from Hallsville.  I swear whenever I am feeling a bit down, God sends someone to let me know that even while I’m far away, that home is close.

We talked about fifteen minutes.  Her husband came out on the porch and she introduced me.  They were heading in for ice cream and I suggested the brownie sundae.  I walked with them back inside and said goodbye.

I’d come to the porch feeling somewhat forgotten and left feeling lighthearted.  I had a spring in my step as I walked back to my cabin.  Thank you, Lord, for putting a smile back on my face.