The animals went in the ark two by two.  There’s a queen to go with a king.  Parts of our bodies come in sets of two…eyes, ears, hands, feet, legs, nostrils.   Heck, even pillow cases come in a set.

Seems as if the world was set up to be paired.  I’m sitting listening to the storm come in. Yep, even the thunder is paired with the lightning.  I’ve tried to make contact with a few friends, but they either aren’t responding or they are already busy.  So, I decided to pick up the computer and type.

Yep, it’s a lonely night.   Thinking of the song, “Lonely Girl” by Emmylou Harris and tonight I am certainly feeling it.  Oh yes, there are things to do on my ‘to do’ list, but I’ll get busy tomorrow.   The month is flying by.  Soon, it’ll be time to go to Colorado.  The closer it gets, the more apprehensive I’m getting.

I feel like I have so much still to do.  My pets still don’t have a place to stay.  I’m trying to decide if I should pack up the house before I go in case it sells while I’m gone.  Should I just let the contents sit here and wait for me to get back?  I wish God would shout out to me and tell me what He really wants me to do.  Am I following His will or my own?  Why am I doubting what He’s placing before me?

I want to close my eyes and be as free as a feather blowing in the wind, yet, I want to have roots holding me to the ground.  Help me, Lord, listen for Your still voice.  I think I need a hug!

I know, ultimately, that I am stepping out.  I have my position for the Summer in Colorado.  The route is planned and the rooms booked.  I tentatively have a person to mow the yard.  I’m waiting for the rest to fall into place.  My friend, Sally, told me to ask the Holy Spirit to take all the burdens I’m trying to hold on to and let Him intervene for me.  Do I have ears to hear and eyes to see?  Am I weak enough to let Him be strong for me?

Even as I write this, I feel ashamed of how big I’m making it.  It’s a house.  It’s simply contents in a house.  If I lost it all today, I’d still have all that mattered.

I’m thinking of my sweet friend, Katie, and what she has already done and what she has still in front of her to go through.  I’m picturing all that Cheryl has passed through and the gift of her bubbly spirit even when she doubts that she has it.  Both are walking through cancer and are clinging to His strength in their weakness.  I’m thinking of Officer Palmer and his family as they come to terms with his diagnosis.  All families involved are in the valley looking upward to the joy that You are going to bring forth as they climb.  It’s the valleys that make us appreciate the mountains and plains.

I’m not in a valley and I’m not on a hill top.  God is simply letting me walk through a long flat plain.  Occasionally, I’m stopping to smell the flowers and survey the lush greenery.  Sometimes, I’m getting caught up in the vines and bristles when I don’t lift my feet high enough to step over them.

I’m forgetting that the flowers tower over the weeds and the grass blows beautifully in the wind.  That they have glorious color and the wind is refreshing.  The plateau doesn’t extend forever.  Help me remember that the view of the mountains is breathtaking, and the climb to the top helps me to appreciate the physical exertion it takes to reach it.

Thank you, Lord, for painting a picture in my mind with words.  I started typing feeling a bit lost and I’m ending with a small smile on my face.