Lip curl and sexy smile included …

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Saturday, I went to an Elvis tribute.  You know . . . one of those shows that carry you down nostalgia roads. . . where memories flashback to where you were when you heard a song.  “We’re caught in a trap . . . I can’t walk out . .  because I love you too much baby.”  Haven’t heard that song in years, but I can instantly recall every word of it as it’s being played and faint memories of myself growing up hearing it, including the hairbrush as a microphone singing in a mirror.  Fess up!  We all did that! 

We went from the 50’s to the 70’s in a few hours.  There’s no way all the Elvis songs could be covered, but the signature, “Love Me Tender” was there!  The three Elvis tribute artists were talented and did a wonderful job of making us feel that Elvis did indeed  . . . live again

I didn’t buy a ticket for the show, I volunteered my time as an usher in order to see it.  It was my first time to try that.  I met at 6:00.  When I walked into the lobby, I was happy to see a familiar face from church choir.  I met some sweet people, three from church, two from Hallsville, and some students from LeTourneau.  In all, there were about fifteen of us.

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Not very flattering

With my ‘official vest & tag’ I was partnered with two ‘veteran’ lady ushers, who were to show me what I needed to learn.  I’m thinking they were in their late 70’s or early 80’s.  I got one of them to take my picture!  

At the ‘lower balcony’ I was given a quick lesson on seating and how to read the ticket.  It was an easy task.  I had fun greeting, taking their tickets, and pointing the way to the restrooms.  The audience I met were in the age range that might have actually seen the ‘real’ Elvis.

After the show started, we found some seats and enjoyed the show.  It was as entertaining to watch some of the audience members watching the show as it was to watch the performance itself.  I noticed one older lady sitting with her husband, singing along with every song, clapping, and being animated.  I think it was probably a good thing that the few seats beside them were empty.  I smiled watching her joy of the performers.  

As audience members, we went expecting to be entertained.  The tickets were a bit pricey in my opinion, but since ‘The King’ of Rock N Roll is dead, impersonators are as close as we’ll get to a live concert of Elvis.  They’re professional impersonators for entertainment, but how often do we feel the need to be impersonators in real life?  

I myself, feel like I’m an impersonator sometimes.  I smile when I am feeling blue.  In my mind, I tell myself to fake it until it feels real and it does work most of the time.  

There are all kinds of issues in our lives.  Who we share them with depends on our types of personality and how much we trust the other people.   I’ve noticed, some people are very open in sharing all the intimate going ons in their life.  While others are more careful about what they share.  

In real life, I’m a bit more closed up when talking to people.  I tend to share with people who I know won’t gossip about my life. (Not that I have interesting things to be talked about)!  I share feelings and situations with people that generally care about me.  I’ll show my weaknesses to these people.  Friends that will hold me in a hug and lift me up in prayer.  I don’t feel judged as a person lacking, but as a person with all the foibles that comes with humanity.  

My care group is my safe haven.  My shelter when I’m feeling blown off course.  My support group that is there to listen and love me.  They let me into their lives too.  These Christian couples who have taken me in.  The funny thing about this care group is that I don’t even attend their church.  

My life is better because of these ladies

It is indeed a group that shows Godly love to one another.  I’m not deeming them perfect because they aren’t.  They are people who struggle with living in this world too.  However, they are an entity of people who come together to shine God’s light on others in our group, and outward to their children and people in their life.  I love that we can listen to one another, share some tears and laughter, and pray for each other.  I look forward to the Sunday nights of fellowship.

Tonight, I didn’t feel like an impersonator of Becky, but my real self.  I was able to share my doubts and my fears and the insecurities that go along with change and for that I am thankful.   

So to the people in my care group;  Thank you….Thank you very much!  I’m trying to add the sexy lip curl, but it just comes off as a lop-sided smile.  

It’s so nice to have a group for support, but if you don’t remember God is with you no matter what issues you are facing.  The real King is alive!  You simply have to reach out and embrace His love and His acceptance.  Ask Him for help and in His timing, it’ll come.  I believe God sends people in our lives to be His ambassadors and show love.  Reading His word and prayer will bring Him more personally into each of our lives.    

His love is unconditional.