Three hundred seventy-five days.  Eighty-three posts.   I didn’t think I had it in me, but sometimes I just crave to write.  There are times when an idea hits me and the words simply fly from my fingers.  Other times, the words are thought out and rearranged over several days.  Sometimes the memories are so clear that I can see them in my mind’s eye, but others I have to dig to remember.

I share my writing on Facebook and Pinterest.  I don’t know who reads it.  After I post something, I pass people in church or at work and I wonder if they’ve read it.  I put a lot of my personal self in my writing.  Once the writing goes out, I can’t take back my words.  If I was feeling blue or excited at the time of my writing, it’s out there and there’s no retrieving the words that went with the thoughts and feeling.  They have been read.

I don’t know if people are judging me for being too personal, but it started and continues to be an outlet for my feelings and gives me a way to communicate those feelings to myself.  Some people may wonder why I don’t simply keep a private journal instead of sharing so much.  I thought about it, but this is part of my transparency.  To the people who care to read, my feelings are an open book. (Most of the time).

Screen shot 2016-06-26 at 11.18.26 PM
Writing in bed

I tease my friends that they may show up in one of my blogs and I have put quite a few in them.  If you’re part of my life….then it’s a possibility.  I’d love to put more of my work life in my blog, but being a teacher and a professional that’s mostly going to happen after I retire!  I should absolutely start writing down the funny stories that go along with teaching so that I don’t forget them.  Believe it or not, I don’t share everything!

Everyone has those despairing moments where darkness covers for a while and then light gleans in.  Those moments are for tears in the shower or into the pillow.  Moments…that’s what they are.  Not long enough to let them consume me, but I do have them.  I also have private moments; all the excitement, sadness, and anticipating of new starts, I share with close friends.  Eventually, part of those may become part of a blog, but only after the fact and under consideration of feelings.

I adore my job.  There’s nothing better than spending the day teaching and being silly with a bunch of students who love you.  Every person should get to feel that love.  The eyes looking up and smiling faces, hugs, and the sweet notes left by my computer are the best benefits of teaching.  There are challenges of getting the concepts taught, paperwork, testing, and parents, but the sweetness far out way those trivial things.  These sweet moments add to my life.

I have the honor of working with friends.  Close friends who I get to see every morning and end my work day with.  I love walking the halls in the morning and popping in rooms to say hello.  Friends that I work with 180+ days and then miss them over the Summer.  Getting to see them when the school year starts is part of the excitement of beginning a new school year.  They are a part of my life and their support lifts me up.

Life continuing, looking backward, moving forward; seeing what was behind and what is ahead.  That’s the point.  Thoughts that pour from these keys and sharing my life experiences.  I started writing on Facebook.  On my first road trip, I used it to share my journey and then I begin pouring my thoughts out on those simple notes.

I was getting so many comments from people who had an opinion about what I was writing.  I didn’t necessarily want to hear their opinions and I didn’t need them to worry about what I was putting out.  Over an unplanned dinner with my friend, Julie, an idea came up.  She suggested that I start blogging.  That suggestion intrigued me.  As soon as I got home, I set up my blog and started writing my very first entry.

I hope that my writing plants small seeds to people who may have a hard time finding a need for Jesus in their life.  He has been my Ever present strength and is my salvation.  My desire is to touch ladies or other people who find themselves in a situation similar to mine where they see a positive outlook toward life.  I hope that I touch people in some small way.

It’s been just over a year and I’m still at it.  I’m touched whenever someone comments about my writing.  I’ve been approached a few times by people who I don’t know very well about how my writing touched a chord in them.  That makes me smile.  I’m happy that we are connected by small things.  A friend recently called me a kindred ‘Pollyanna’ and I think that’s the sweetest compliment that I’ve gotten in a long time.  Thanks Lisa!

My writing has been a gift from God as I pour out my heart and thoughts.  I thank each of you that have taken the time to read what I write.  I thank God for the ability to share these feelings as I continue to live this Earthly life.

Until then….My Life Continues….