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My five piggies!

My second one is slightly longer than the big one and the last one is a little curved!  I’m talking about my toes!  Right now they could use a little work and some polish.  They tend to sweat and sometimes they have a foul odor if encased in shoes without ventilation for too long.  That’s why I like open toe shoes.  My toes can’t do anything talented.  I have a friend that can pinch with hers, but the best mine can do is to tippy-toe.

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Resting legs

My feet are attached to dainty ankles.  My Great-Grannie used to tell me that I had Thoroughbred ankles.  When I was younger, I’d picture horse hooves attached to them.  I took the description as a compliment and I’m sure that’s the way she meant it.

Up from my ankles are my calves.  They’re not very muscular.  In fact, I would like to have more developed calf muscles.  (I just looked up the official name; Gastrocnemius Muscles).  I’m sure I could do calf raises, but I’m not that dedicated to exercise, so I’ll just keep my small calves.

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Simply knees

Above my calves are my knees.  Inspecting these two knobs, I find calluses on each one.  My left one has a small scar from a bus wreck.  It happened when I was in eighth grade.  I had spent the night with a friend.  We were on the way to school when our bus didn’t take the curve, but ended up in a pasture after going through a fence.  Christine and I were riding in the back seat, then we went airborne, and hit the seat back on the way down.  The bus driver was our English teacher and he kept everyone calm.  The small scar is simply a reminder of an unusual event in my life.  My knees joints are in great shape and for that I’m thankful.

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Freckled thighs

Going up beyond my knees is the area I’m most self-conscious of;  My thighs.  They have some jiggle and stretch marks.  I have a tiny amount of cellulite, but not enough that is unsightly.

What bothers me is the proportion of my thighs to my calves.  Did you see that Disney movie, Fantasia?  Remember the dancing hippos?  That’s what I imagine I look like from the back.  Skinny calves, bigger thighs, and a wider posterior.  Yep…. the hippo with a tutu!

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Legs that have seen 5 decades

When I break my legs into sections, I can be very critical.  Would it surprise you to know that I think my legs are my prettiest body part as a whole?  They’re the only part of my body that hasn’t succumbed to the effects of gravity.  I like the way I look in shorts.  Not only do I think my legs are attractive, I depend on their strength to hold me up and I expect them to do whatever I need them to do without giving it a second thought.

What’s the point of all these descriptions?  If we’re too critical of small things, we can’t appreciate the beauty of the whole.

I consider myself an optimist at least 90% of the time.  I try not to whine over situations that can’t be changed.  Sometimes work or a period of time can change the outcome, but there are times when no matter what happens, the situation remains the same.  If the situation is a negative one, then I look to find a positive aspect of it.  God is amazing and faithful.  He is with me constantly.  I don’t doubt His love for me, so why would I not find joy in the situations that I am given.   Serenity is a gift from God.

I know I have some annoying habits that can get on nerves.  My laugh is loud and carries.  I can’t seem to get anywhere on time.  I haven’t been gifted with mercy and my tongue gets control of my manners and sarcasm slips out.  I interrupt people constantly to talk about myself or what I’m thinking about.  I could keep digging for other negative traits.  Heck, there are some I don’t even want to admit to myself, but these are issues I’m working on.  You might think that I’m unhappy with myself, but I’m not.  I love the person that I am.  I love the way that God is shaping me to become the person that I will be in the future.

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There are redeeming qualities to all people.  Sure, personality quirks can sometimes be annoying.  However, look at the person as a whole and look beyond the strangeness of their parts and see a person that God created.  If you have to deal with the public or people in any form then you understand that sometimes everyone has a bad day or week where shadows seem to cover them.  Wait a while, and the sunshine will illuminate the best in them.

As I’m getting ready to start a new classroom of students, meeting the parents, and working with other staff members, I’m sure I’ll run across times where I’ll feel out of energy and look at the ‘small individual pieces’ instead of the whole.  If I forget to stay positive, I know that I have friends that will lift me up, just as I will do the same to them.  God blesses us with friendships and people who nudge us in the right direction.   My friend, Sally, would say, “Let it go” meaning give it to God.  I love the accountability of friendships.

Details are simply tiny pieces, but when put together, they form a story. Everyone has a story to tell.  Some stories don’t weigh much, but other stories are heavy.  Our stories help shape us to become the people that we are today. Choose to rise up… be joyful… laugh… be optimistic… appreciate life.

Find the beauty of your legs.