Purr-fect your stare…I can out stare a person or an animal…and sometimes it unnerves the dog.

Stretch out…It’s comfortable!
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When you’re unsure what to do…

Lick yourself… It gives you time to think. 

Walk slowly through the house…It’s very graceful looking.

Work on your leg muscles…Jumping is very athletic looking…and people and dogs take notice.

When someone looks at you…Turn your head and look at something else…It makes you look disinterested…even when you’re very interested!

When you want to annoy the dog…Hide behind the chair and pounce on him….It’s funny!

Another way to annoy the dog….lay on his favorite toy and pretend you don’t know why he’s whimpering.

When attention is needed…Curl up next to your person and purr…that’s sure to get a head rub.

Don’t worry about laying in the middle of a door way…The house belongs to the cat…everyone else just lives here…They will step over you or go around.

A mouse on a stick or a feather…is the best toy ever invented!

Hunt anything that moves quickly…It’s bound to be something fun to catch.


Don’t worry about gravity…Cats have super powers and can jump as high as needed, so go ahead and try to get the bug on the ceiling!

Lay in the middle of the bed…The person can sleep in the spare space.

Don’t worry about bedtime…We can sleep anytime we want.

When you’re feeling kind…knock the dog treats onto the floor and watch the mutt go crazy…Piglet!

When you want to be petted and the person is asleep….Walk on top of them or bite the hand or cheek.

When you want to see what’s happening…jump on the furniture and stroll on it like it belongs to you…it does.

When you get ticked off…flick your tail.  The harder the flick…means the more you”re ticked off!

Play with everything…If it’s laying around…It must be a toy.

When you want to look cute …sit on hind legs and lick one of your paws.

Paper, mail, and magazines make wonderful things to rip up.

Perfect your swag and walk in front of the dog when he is being reprimanded.

Chew a shoe and blame it on the dog.

Perfect the laying over the shoulder like a rug…people adore carrying you around.

Flower pots are fun to lay on and the plants are entertaining to chew or lay under the plants and swat the leaves for entertainment.

Arching the back and raising the hair down your back…makes you look intimidating even when you don’t feel tough.

Growling deep in the throat does the same thing.

Sniff the air whenever you explore…it helps to figure things out.

Rub against chairs, people, or any other object for attention.

Drink from the toilet or faucet….Water tastes better there than the regular water bowl.

The sink, box, or a bag makes a great place to explore.

Act nonchalantly even when you want to participate in the fun…You don’t want to appear eager like the dog.

Yes, I was made to be worshiped….Feel free to ooh and awe over me!


I’m Irresistible!