We have no idea what will happen in the next hour, day, week, or year.  We plan our life with assurance that all will continue to go on as before.  Maybe even improve in the near future.

I do that now.  I wait for my life to improve.  I’m looking forward to one day to get married again.  I look forward to future grandchildren.  I even look forward to the weekend.  Rarely do I sit where I am and say, “Wow! This moment is the most wonderful it can be.”  Maybe I should.  I’m healthy and I have a son whose health is doing great as he’s attending college.  I have relatively few worries and I sit here with a computer on my lap as I type and I’m half watching NCIS on a large television.  Zoey is chewing on a bone and Pippin is doing his rug interpretation on the floor.  Overall, my life is peaceful, but relationships are vital to happiness.  I don’t want to waste today waiting on tomorrow.

How do I know that my life won’t take a downturn for the worst?  I don’t.  I believe that my life will be long, but I don’t know that.  Unexpected things happen.

I have a coworker who was fine one moment and the next a phone call changed her life.  Silently, health issues changed her whole perspective on how precious life is and what really is important.  Material things become less important and relationships become cherished.  Time with loved ones is gathered and held onto like precious jewels.  I know that feeling.

It’s important not to waste time with people.  Even with all the losses that I’ve had in my life, I still forget to treasure the moments.  I don’t squander the time like I use to do.  I don’t think that people will be around forever, but I still take them for granted.

I’m almost obsessed with taking pictures to hold onto memories.  I wish I had more moments of our family frozen in time on pictures.  When I gathered our family photos after John died, there wasn’t as many as my heart wanted.  I go back and look at them and smile at the memories they bring to mind.  After Vicki died, John made it a priority to get family pictures made of us and his side of the family.  They are priceless to me.

Touch is an expression of love.  Even my dog and cat know how important touch is with a stroke on the head or a belly rub.  Holding hands is such a simple gesture, but the intimacy of fingers entwined and palms touching, with an occasional thumb caressing softly, gently whispers that you are important to the person connected to you.  I miss that touch.

Cuddling a baby and nuzzling its cheek or a tiny hand curled around a finger sends happiness and love throughout our entire bodies.  A tight hug from my son makes me feel like the best mom ever.  It’s important to let people know that you love them through simple touches.  Don’t let a moment go by without showing your love physically because touch is an essential part of life.

We are full of emotions.  Laughter is one of the best emotions you can share.  Nothing makes me feel better than sharing a laugh with family and friends.  Life is way too short to be a negative person.  I find that it’s a lot better to handle awkward or tense situations with a laugh.  I use it in my classroom to make students feel better about themselves or to reduce stress.  It helps that God has graced me with a big smile.

Crying for me is a release of emotions.  Sometimes, crying is in response to songs that bring back strong emotions or if I’m feeling down a good cry will make me feel better.  Smiling over a joke or sharing a smile across a table knowing you are having the same thought is one of those things that I miss sharing with John.  It’s an intimate moment.  Occasionally, I’ll have one of those moments with someone else.

I’ve been blessed in my past, but I didn’t know that time was going to go by way too fast.  I didn’t know  that John would be called home sooner than either of us would have thought.  I never considered that we wouldn’t grow old together.  However, tomorrow is not promised to us.  It’s useless to waste my time with regrets because I can’t change the past.

What I want is to be happy with my current life.  I’m a single person whose looking to share myself with another person.  Happily, as of now, I know that I’m healthy and I’m loved by friends and family.  I’m trying to treasure my life now as it is, but also praying about my future that only God knows.  Whatever  situations that He brings into my life, I know I’m in His hands and He does have a plan for me.