I’m doing laundry and Cam is in bed asleep.  Sounds like we are doing the same routine things of home, but we’re hundreds of miles away.

The morning began beautifully after a wonderful night of rest and decided to have breakfast at the Waffle House nearby.  I’ve never seen our WH as busy as this one was. People were actually waiting for Booths.

I set on the bar stool next to a gentleman that seemed to know all the workers by name. (I’ll just have to call him WH man because we never exchanged names).  Hash browns started our conversation and we talked about our college aged boys.  His was just about to start his freshman year.  I told him there would be a time when you knew your son had become a man, but it grows slowly, a small step at a time, until you realize that young man you raised was doing fine without you and that was okay.

Today was the first time our accents became more pronounced.  In Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana, we all sounded pretty much alike.  However, the waitress and I had a lot of repeating questions. (She talked fast).  The WH guy and I had to clarify a few sentences and in NY, we’ve been asked several times where we we’re from and what we we’re doing in NY.

Lake Erie Beach

I stopped at the Lake Erie State Park and drove down the ‘Grand River Trail’ and thoroughly enjoyed my time; beautiful!  I saw a few small restaurants I would loved to have eaten at if I wasn’t already full as a tick!

Room Keys

The drive to New York was pretty routine, except there are still interstates that have a 55 mph speed limit.  I felt like I was crawling.  I was so proud of myself driving through all the NY traffic. The hotel I picked (believe it) still uses keys for their doors.  He gave me two and I’ve already lost one and it is a huge key!

Lake Effect Diner

I met Cam at the Buffalo Airport and he came in tired, so we had an early evening.  We did eat at a diner.  I thought we couldn’t come up north without finding one to eat at and sure enough there was one in Buffalo on Main Street.  It originated in PA and they moved it here in the 90’s.  It was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives.  We both had the grilled Mac n cheese as a side. Yum!

Happy mom tonight!